Floorsawing is the fastest and most efficient method of cutting horizontial, flat surfaces.

MAC Core Ltd currently has four large high powered diesel floorsaws capable of using a 900mm diamond blade, thus giving a cut of almost 400mm deep.

The picture below demonstrates a few of our floorsaws at our premises in Tandragee.


When floorsawing is required within factory units etc, which create the need for a more controlled environment, we also have a fleet of three phase electric, and therefore fumeless, saws.

We have at least four high powered electric saws capable of using a 1200mm diamond blade, thus giving a cut over 500mm deep.

Below is one of our operatives sawing a cut 500mm deep concrete floorslab in the very strict environment of a local aeroplane assembly building:

floorsaw 2

We also have several towable three phase generators, so we are able to offer a power supply with each of our machines.

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