Track Sawing / Wall Sawing


Track (or Wall) Sawing is the most efficient and precise method of creating openings, for doors, windows etc, in concrete walls and other vertical or inclined concrete structures.

The track is securely mounted to the wall, then the saw head fitted with a diamond cutting blade, travels along the track and performs the cut. The saw is operated via remote control, making it extremely safe for the operative.

We currently have four track saws in our fleet, the two largest capable of taking 2 metre blade, thus giving a cut almost a metre deep.

The pictures below show how versatile the track saw can be. With these special hinged mounting brackets we can also achieve angled cuts.

wallsaw angle brackets 1

wallsaw angle brackets 2

The pictures below show an example of where track saws can be used effectively and safely. On this project near The Odyssey in Belfast we sawed off a section of a bridge to allow safe removal by main contractor.

wallsaw whitemountain 1

wallsaw whitemountain 2

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