Concrete Bursting

Concrete Bursting is the controlled demolition technique which is very effective for the removal of mass concrete or for greatly reducing the force needed using conventional means.

This method is used in conjunction with diamond core drilling, powerful hydraulic rams are inserted into pre-drilled holes and the rams are expanded until cracks are induced in the concrete.

The bursting can be directed towards an open face or weakness in the substrate which significantly reduces remedial breaking.

Busters are ideal when live structures are in close proximity to work areas, when conventional rock hammering methods are not allowed, due to noise and vibration.

Busters also help contractors adhere to the strict HAVs regulations, as drilling and bursting are non percussive.

Busters are also used to break up large sections of rock. We recently helped contractors clear the “Fooprint” for a new site in a conservation area, where noise was prohibited, by removing large granite boulders by splitting them up into manageable pieces with our Darda Hydraulic splitter.

Please click on the link below to see DARDA splitters in operation.

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