Surface Preparation

MAC Core Ltd carries out a variety of Surface Preparation techniques.

The initial stages involve the lifting of carpets, tiles, laminate and vinyl, which can be easily handled with our tile lifting machines.

We can then remove rubber deposits, adhesives, bituminous deposits and impacted dirt from the concrete floor surfaces. The concrete surfaces can then be further prepared for the application of epoxy resins and similar coatings, D.P.M and paints.

The floors may also need leveled, and high spots removed, again this is a technique we can perform.

We currently stock several captive shot blasters, three phase and single phase grinders and a variety of planners and scrabblers.

Surface Preparation can also be carried out using our hydro demolition machines converted to U.H.P (Ultra High Pressure).

One of our operatives shot blasting a Factory Unit with our 20inch blaster complete with dustless vac system:

Surface Preparation

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