Concrete Crushing

A crusher is a machine designed to reduce concrete into smaller pieces to be disposed or removed.

The crusher holds the material between two solid metal surfaces and plies significant force via a high pressure hydraulic ram.

In situations where the use of water if prohibited, for example, when is close proximity to “Live” areas, crushers are ideal.

As well as their ability to be used without water, they are also fum-less, create no vibration (eliminating HAVs), produce very little dust and minimal noise.

We currently have three crushers in stock as the images below demonstrate.

The smallest can be handled by one operative and can crunch walls up to 230mm thick, the second two man operated machine can crunch walls up to 430mm thick, and finally the larger one that is operated from a hoist system can handle walls of 650mm thick.

Please click on the video below which shows heavily reinforced ring beams being removed above a well known retail outlet below, which remained live throughout the demolition works:

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