Robotic Demolition

Robotic Demolition would be used in situations where concrete has to be removed/demolished, but the working environment imposes limitations, remotely operated machines are sometimes the only solution.

Remote machines can be operated in dangerous and restricted areas without putting the operator at risk. They will also negotiate stairs and awkward spaces can be used in fumeless environments such as the food industry.

Another very important aspect of remotely operated machines is the fact that they eliminate HAVs (Hand Arm Vibration Systems) and WBV (Whole Body Vibration).

Legislation was enforced in 2010 which obligates contractors and employers to protect their employees from exposure to vibration.

We currently have in stock a Brokk 50 and a Top-Tek 1850.

The images below show our 2 ton Top-Tec machine fitted with different attachments for demolition purposes.

Robotic Demolition

Fitted with crusher, capable of crushing reinforced concrete up to 400mm Thick

Robotic Demolition

Fitted with Rock Hammer

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